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Root canal treated teeth are basically designed to protect the remaining weakened tooth structure from fracture, prevent re-infection of the root canal system, and replace the missing tooth structure. The cementation of a post inside the root canals is necessary to provide retention for the core material and the crown. The role of a post in a post and core restoration is to fill a prepared root canal and a core is then inserted on it within the pulp chamber to establish proper coronal tooth preparation. Dentinal pins provide retention to complex and compound intra-coronal restorations with limited tooth structure and retentive features.

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Skydental supply provides all varieties of pins and post systems for the convenience of dental practitioners and excellent long term prognosis of treatment outcomes. Skydentalsupply C-I DRILL SET and C-I Post Kits Drills provide the most efficient and smooth endodontic post preparation for the maximum retention with the least chances of stress accumulation and excellent masticatory force distribution within the root canals. C-I stainless steel posts occupy the prepared post space and provide maximum retention to the core material placed within the pulp chamber.

Classic post titanium, Core-post carbon, DuraLay Plastic Pins for Post & Core Serrated and GC FIBER POST Assortment Kit provide the best restorative results where the natural crown of root-filled teeth either has been lost or is extensively damaged, where the root filled tooth is to be used as bridge abutment, where a change in axial position greater than 1 mm is required and in a crowned anterior endodontically involved tooth, and to reinforce the crown covered tooth at cervical area susceptible to fracture.

The combination of Precision Drills compatible with Parapost, ParaPost XT Drills, ParaPost XT Metal Hand Wrench, Para Post XT Metal Hand Wrench, and ParaPost XT Titanium Posts provide maximum retentiveness to the core, physical properties compatible to core, maximum retention with minimum removal of dentin, even distribution of functional stresses along root surfaces, esthetic compatibility, minimal stress during placement and cementation, resistance to displacement, ease of use, and reasonable cost.