Owandy Cam HD USB

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Intraoral camera for dental surgery

The Owandy-Cam has proved a superb communication tool that can help you share with your patients a clear, accurate picture of their dental anatomy.


Your patients will see exactly what you see; they will be able to better understand the treatment plan you are suggesting and accept it.

Fully integrated!

Easy to operate, the Owandy-Cam camera is reassuringly solid yet stylish device whose sleek, clean lines make it easy to disinfect.


The 6 LEDs on the head of the endoscope diffuse the light efficiently around the mouth, generating clear, high-contrast images. Colour rendition is enhanced and natural.


The light diffusion facility can be used to increase and ensure uniformity of the lighting inside the mouth, thereby minimising the degree to which it is reflected by the teeth.

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