CytoFlex Tef Guard PTFE Membrane NonResorbable 25mmx30mm (5/Pack)

SKU: U17010
Weight: 1 lbs
Manufacturer part number: C01-0105
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Cytoflex Smooth Tefguard is a non-resorbable, space-making, barrier membrane intended for guided tissue regeneration procedures. Composed of proprietary micro-porous polytetrafluoethylene (ePTFE) thin film, Cytoflex smooth Tefguard has a surface texture and porosity suitable for host cells to attach upon. The micro porous surface is designed to prevent bacteria from penetrating through the membrane while promoting diffusion of interstitial fluid for optimal healing. It also allows for improved adhesion between gingiva tissue and the membrane, preventing passage and integration of bacteria within the interstices of the material.

The supple membrane conforms easily to tissue contours and offers sufficient rigidity to maintain space over the bony defect. The smooth version has micro pore texture on both surfaces. The cellular micro texture is invisible to the naked eye but can be seen at high magnifications.

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