Impression Trays

The Impression tray is used to carry, confine, and control the impression material from the patient’s mouth. The impression trays are the vehicles used to record the oral and dental landmarks for making a detailed model of teeth and surrounding structures. During the impression making procedure, impression trays facilitate insertion and removal of impression material from the patient’s mouth. Skydentalsupply offers state of the art, convenient to use and operator friendly impression trays that can help the dental specialists in the fabrication of dentures, crown & bridge prosthesis, and orthodontic evaluation through accurate and detailed models’ construction for study, diagnostic, and laboratory work purpose. The wide range of impression trays for specific dental treatment procedures are fabricated according to the recommended guidelines for oral use.

These are rigid and strong but not thick enough to irritate the patient and cause a feeling of gagging during the impression recording procedures. These are designed to simulate the finished denture in size and shape. These trays are fabricated in different sizes, extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large to cover majority of cases visiting the dental office. These do not interfere with the muscle or frenal attachments in the mouth and the entire borders of the trays are smooth and rounded for patient convenience. The rigid nature of Skydentalsupply impression trays helps these to retain their shape throughout the impression taking procedure followed by pouring of the material for model construction. Full arch, sectional, and quadrant trays are available according to case selection. 

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