iMatrix System (Pacdent)

SKU: P0506G.
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Pac-Dent International, Inc.
Manufacturer part number: PM-M4
Price: $45.99

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Product Details

    It features ultra-retentive NiTi matrix rings that deliver non-slipping contact and exert the ideal tooth separation force.

    The iMatrix Sectional Matrix System offers the starter kit (with instruments), intro kit (without instruments for those that already have Palodent's or Garrison Dental's instruments) and refill kit configurations. The starter kit includes matrix ring placement forceps, tweezers, 2 matrix rings, 3D matrix bands, and interproximal wedges. The most notable features are:

    ● Ideal tooth separation force delivered by NiTi rings● Designed for easy stacking of multiple retainer rings● Guiding-rails on tines match the wedge profiles for better insertion● 2 rings: standard for large teeth and narrow for small teeth● Stays put on the teeth and stackable● Autoclavable retainer rings

    *iMatrix™ Sectional Matrix System is currently available for limited countries.

    ● Outstanding NiTi spring strength and memory provides optimal tooth separation force
    ● M-shaped tines accommodate wedge profile
    ● Undercut tine design improves durability and stability during placement
    ● Stackable for multiple restorations

    ● Pronounced marginal ridge for correct anatomical form
    ● Greater curvature on horizontal plane means more curvature remains as matrix wraps around tooth
    ● Gingival apron is shaped to eliminate gaps in the gingival-axial corner and conform to common cavity form

    ● Wedge profile matches tine shape for easy entry and placement to provide the ultimate seal
    ● Stackable wedge design

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