GUTR Full Face Shield
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GUTR Full Face Shield

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Weight: 2 lbs
Vendor: GUTR
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Comfort For The Duration

All shields can protect your face. But not all are comfortable over a long period of time. GUTR headbands are soft to the skin and highly-adjustable for a comfortable fit.

Eyewear Clearance

Our visor easily clears most eyewear for unobstructed use. A larger-sized visor is also available for clearing medical binocular loupes.

Easy Access

Our visor can be raised without removing the entire face shield unit, making it easy to adjust your glasses or mask.

Clear Vision

It’s hot working under stressful situations in protective gear designed to prevent airborne and droplet contamination.

Sweat dripping in your eye is a painful distraction. Trying to wipe it away is not only difficult, it is putting you at risk for transmission.

GUTR headbands capture and redirect sweat away from your eyes and glasses providing unobstructed, clearer vision—without the need to wipe sweat away from your forehead.

Face Protection

Avoiding flying fluids landing in your eyes, nose, and mouth is critical for personal safety.

GUTR uses clear, non-penetrating polycarbonate shields. Each replaceable shield is cut with smooth rounded corners that won’t snag or penetrate skin, apparel, or equipment.

The shield is directionally-adjustable for preferred operational positions—and can be raised fully for complete facial access without needing to remove the sweatband.

Less Waste

In this battle against the Coronavirus, PPE shortages are a major challenge.

To avoid unnecessary waste of valuable equipment and limited funds, our face shield headband can be sanitized and reused. 

The face shield visors can be used as long as appropriate and replaced as needed.

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