ScanX Extraoral Phosphor Plates
30 Day Year Warranty Included
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ScanX Extraoral Phosphor Plates

SKU: A10136.
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Air Techniques
Manufacturer part number: 73578-8
Price: $1,195.99

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ScanX Extraoral Phosphor Plates

Extraoral Phosphor Plates (PSPs) range of sizes from

5" x 12" PAN

6" x 12" PAN

8" x 10" CEPH

5" x 7" TMJ


  • ScanX PSPs are wireless and flexible
  • The entire PSP surface area is active
  • ScanX PSPs do not require annual insurance
  • Operate in normal room lighting


Part Number
73578-5 PSP, 5" x 12" PAN (qty.1)

73578-6 PSP, 15cm x 30 cm PAN (qty.1)

73578-8 PSP, 8" x 10" CEPH (qty. 1)

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