There’s a host of new ideas in endodontic equipment these days to make your job easier and your patients’ visits comfier.

One you might like to know about is the Dia DUO cordless obturation system, from DiaDent. It the ‘Duo-Gun’ plus the ‘Duo-Pen’, an ergonomic combination design that’s cordless, lightweight, and easy to clean and store. It recharges in 90 minutes, and you can get it with a whole kit full of attachments.

Another useful device is the E Cube Endo Motor, from Saeshin America. This is a versatile little micro-motor for use with NiTi instruments, with a 16:1 angled handpiece. It’s foot-switch operated, with auto-reverse. It runs on a 5-hour rechargeable battery, or an adaptor.

While we’re on the subject of versatility, have a look at the EndoRing FileCaddy, from Jordco. This is a clever storage device for bulk files. You put your files securely into the special foam insert, close the lid, and steam autoclave the whole thing. Single-handed operation allows easy opening of the protective lid to access the processed files at chair side. 

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