Clio Digital X-Ray Sensors Sota

SKU: S050011.
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Sota Imaging
Manufacturer part number: A40022
Price: $6,995.00

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The Clio Digital X-Ray Sensors maximize image area ratio, minimizing cutoff space to mimic the size of traditional x-ray film. Next Generation CMOS technology fiber optic sensors create 20+ actual line pairs per mm (26.3 theoretical). With our user-friendly, tablet and PC-ready cliosoft Digitial Imaging Software, we guarantee the highest quality images in the industry.

Features & Benefits:

  • All new Direct Integration Technology 
  • Thin sensor hardware with rounded corners for maximum comfort 
  • Direct USB cable with no docking station 
  • Repairable USB cable for longevity of sensors 
  • Fiber optic plate sensors for low-noise ratio 
  • Largest active area for maximum coverage 
  • Fully waterproof sensor head with sealed cable and housing design 
  • USB connector: USB 2.0, USB 3.0 
  • Sensor Technology - Next Generation CMOS Fiber optic Sensors 
  • Maximum Gray Levels - 4096 (12-bit)
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