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Polishing of teeth is an important component of overall oral prophylaxis. Tartar and plaque deposits are removed with the help of oral prophylaxis using special scalers along with tips, and inserts. The whole procedure is followed by smoothening of teeth surfaces using prophylaxis pastes or powders with the help of special polishing brushes. The prophylaxis pastes and powders are very helpful in re-uptake of stains and discolorations on the cleaned tooth surfaces. Skydentalsupply offers a wide range of prophy products including scalers, inserts, powders, pastes, brushes, angles, and gum packs for the convenience and aid of dental clinicians to achieve the best outcomes.

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Bonart ART-P6 Piezoelectric Scaler W/Led Handpiece +Wrench & 4 Tips and Bonart Pelican (ART-P3II) Piezoelectric Scaler with LED Hand Piece are high quality devices for teeth scaling and polishing procedures. These devices utilize BioSonic Suvi Air Polishing Powder, Air-Flow Perio Powder, Air-Flow Comfort Powder, Air-Flow Classic Powder Lemon, Butler Prophy Paste, Bosworth Prophy Powder, and Coral Prophy Pastes for excellent teeth polishing results. Different polishing pastes and powders are applied and rubbed on the stained teeth surfaces with the help of special polishing brushes, cups, and angles. These brushes and angles produce the required frictional force for loosening and dislodgment of tenacious and resistant discolorations. Different types of brushes and angles are effective for use in varying intensity of staining and discoloration in teeth involving all quadrants.

Among the most commonly supplied and demanded brushes and angles are Pivot Disposable Prophy Angle, PIVOT NL Contra Plus Spiral Cup Disposable Prophy Angles, PROPASTE PACDENT, Prophy Brushes, Vera Splatter Guard Classic Elite Original LF, Upgrade Disposable Prophy Angle, Vera Contra Petite  Web LF, and Waterpik Densco Prophy Angle. Skydentalsupply offers various types of pastes and powders in varying quantity and packaging. These include Gelato Prophy Paste Cups, Next Prophy Paste Cups, Gelato Prophy paste Jars, Orbit Prophy Paste & Gum Packs Assorted, Topex Prophy Paste Cups, and Ortho Prophy Paste No Fluoride.

The small cups packages are convenient for use in a single patient and help in preventing wastage and contamination as compared to big jar and box packages. These are also portable and can be easily kept in a bag for use at multiple locations.