Core Build-Up Material

Core-build up materials are placed in the coronal area of the teeth to replace the missing coronal natural tooth structure. The core is anchored to the tooth by extending into the coronal aspect of the canal, or through the endodontic post. Core build up ensures a properly executed ferrule that reduces the incidence of fractures in root filled teeth by reinforcing the external surface of the tooth and dissipating the forces that concentrate at the narrowest circumference of the tooth. Skydentalsupply provides highly reliable core-build up materials that ensure a predictable restoration with a properly executed ferrule especially on the palatal and buccal aspect of teeth. These materials help the clinicians to avoid complex crown lengthening and orthodontic extrusion procedures and increase the long term prognosis of restorations.

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Absolute Dentin Automix Kit, Absolute Dentin Core Composite, Clearfil DC Core Plus, and Clearfil Photo Core exhibit the ideal properties of a core material including high compressive and tensile strength, high modulus of elasticity, high fracture toughness, ease of manipulation, dimensional stability, adequate setting time, the ability to bond to both tooth and post, low plastic deformation and low cost. Amalgam, composite, glass ionomer cement, and resin modified glass ionomer cement are the most commonly used core build up materials. Composite core materials exhibit slightly better mechanical values than conventional materials and show superior properties in comparison to glass ionomer cements and amalgams.

The advantages of Encore Self Cure Composite Core Buildup Material Kit, Ti-Core Buildup Material, and Rapid Core Buildup Material include adhesive bonding to the tooth structure and many posts, ease of manipulation, rapid setting, and translucent or highly opaque formulations. These cores have shown to protect the strength of all ceramic crowns equally to silver amalgam cores. The composite core materials can be used in association with metallic, fiber, or zirconia posts frequently in cases of structurally compromised teeth. These can provide some protection from root fracture in teeth restored with metal posts compared with silver amalgam or gold cores.