Cavex ColorChange Fast Set 500g

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Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Cavex
Manufacturer part number: AA323
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Cavex ColorChange

User-friendly impression material with virtual intelligence: Cavex ColorChange. This product belongs to the latest generation of Cavex alginates. Color changes indicate different procedural stages.

Does the alginate’s color change from violet to pink? Mixing time is over. Does the alginate change from pink to white as the impression it is taken? The alginate has hardened, and the impression tray can be removed from the patient’s mouth. After thirty minutes, the completely cured alginate turns pink again.

• Violet to pink: end of mixing time (30-60 sec.)
• Pink to white: end of setting time (60 sec.)
• White to pink: fully cured (30 min.)

This dental impression alginate is available in Fast Set, which means that it is cured after one minute. Due to Cavex ColorChange’s elastic properties, this alginate product is highly suitable for orthodontic clinics.


  • Indicates three color changes
  • Nine days of dimensional stability
  • Tear and deformation-resistant
  • Detail reproduction of at least 25 µm
  • Maximum compatibility with plaster
  • Short setting time
  • Highly elastic
  • Dust-free

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