Burs & Diamonds

Surgical burs & diamonds are the integral part and parcel of majority of dental treatment procedures. Skydentalsupply offers the widest range of innovative customized bur blocks, burs & diamonds feasible for surgical and restorative dentistry treatments starting from #8 round osteotomy bur, ghartz diamond coated #IB08 EA, 12 bladed carbide burs FG, 14 hole magnetic bur block, alpen multi-use diamonds football to acrylic trimming burs, all ceramic guide pin two stripper diamond, alpen bur block 30 hole, alpen diamond kit and alpen carbide bur FG.

Our wide variety of burs & diamonds designs provide the utmost durability, ease of use, fine cutting efficiency, convenient approach and cost-effectiveness for osteotomy procedures, bone grafting, bone cutting, bone re-contouring, wisdom tooth surgeries, acrylic denture trimming and restorative procedures. State of the art, wide variety burs & diamonds pose the least chances of post-operative complications due to minimal chances or friction and heat production causing least damage to bone and soft tissues. 

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