BioArt A7 Plus Articulator

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Weight: 1 lbs
Manufacturer part number: BIO-A7B
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The articulators role is to reproduce the static and dynamic mandible positions with the following applications:
* Occlusion and occlusal pathology study;
* Confection of complete, partial and removable prostheses;
* Making interocclusal devices (trays).

This articulator has a robust structure made of aluminum, assuring greater stability. Design that provides greater visibility

* Semi-adjustable / Arcon Type
* Fixed Intercondylar distance at the average 110 mm
* Curved condylar guide
* Adjustable condylar guide angle
* Adjustable Bennet Angle
* Central Lock
* Stabilization system of Condylar Guide movement with silicone connection
* Pin to support the Upper Frame at the open position
ELITEFace Bow.

Comes with:
* 1 ELITE Facebow
* 1 Standard Fork
* 1 Pair of Rail Plates
* 1 Standard Incisal Guide
* 1 Plastic Case

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