Articulating Paper Red/Blue #BK80 (200) (Pulpdent)

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Bausch Arti-Check® 40µ micro-thin Articulating Papers are thin and tear-resistant papers which are coated with liquid colors on both sides. False or smear contacts can thus be avoided. These papers are also available in horseshoe-shape. The pre-cut paper can easily be applied without forceps or any other handling devices. All horseshoe-shaped papers come in plastic dispensers to facilitate removal with one hand. Horseshoe-shaped Articulating Papers are especially useful for patients who tend to bite unilaterally during the occlusion test. The dentist can immediately detect the preferred side of the mouth. Symmetrical marking of all contacts is desirable especially when testing the occlusion of full dentures which are primarily adjusted according to the concept of bilateral balanced occlusion. Even marking of the full dental arch is essential when adjusting an occlusal device. In this respect, Bausch horseshoe-shaped papers provide welcome relief especially when testing occlusal contacts on moist artificial surfaces.
Made in Germany.

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