We source our Acrylics and Reline products from the leading manufacturers throughout the world. They are specifically formulated to serve as a precautionary measure for your clients who are sensitive to a new denture or experiencing slow healing. Irrespective of the situation, our Reline products are easy to remove from the denture after any treatment and boast smooth surfaces which reduced the retention of unwanted food debris. Our Chair Side Recliners can be applied directly from the cartridge and provide a very strong bonding to the denture. Your patient only requires a single appointment as the product is designed in an aesthetic-comfort way.

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Price: $59.99  
Nature-Cryl HI-20ET
Price: $51.99  
Nature-Cryl Pour
Price: $71.99   Reg Price: $79.25
Save: $7.26
New Truliner
Price: $104.99  
Ortho-Jet Acrylic
Price: $42.99   Reg Price: $45.97
Save: $2.98
Pattern Resin LS
Price: $94.99  
PERFECtemp II Syringe
Price: $47.99  
Pick-Up Sticks
Price: $12.95  
Rebase II
Price: $132.99  
Rebase III Fast
Price: $132.99  
Sapphire Standard Kit
Price: $119.99  
Silk Line
Price: $149.99  
Sky Choice Dispensing Gun
Price: $39.99   Reg Price: $49.99
Save: $10.00