EndoRing Foam Insert Refill Pack 48/Pkg
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EndoRing Foam Insert Refill Pack 48/Pkg

SKU: J230018_
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Jordco, Inc.
Manufacturer part number: ERF-S
Price: $33.99

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Jordco's e-Foam insert is the standard for all clinicians who perform endodontic procedures. Our patented foam inserts are designed to be used with all Jordco® EndoRing® products and they provide optimum performance for superior cleaning, storing and organizing endodontic files. Jordco e-Foam inserts can be autoclaved prior to use and they also offer single use convenience.  Our foam is proudly made in the USA for consistent quality and performance.  

Each pack contains: 

  • 48 Single use Jordco e-Foam Inserts (Available all blue, all yellow or combo packs)
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