Tuff-Temp Veneer C&B Syringe (Pulpdent)

SKU: P80121.
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Pulpdent Corporation
Manufacturer part number: TTP5A1
Price: $48.99

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Improved Rubberized-Resin Chemistry • Dual Cure

Strong, impact resistant rubberized-resin doesn’t shrink or distort and grips the tooth tightly. Virtually eliminates fractures and debonding. Grinds and powders during trimming without softening or distorting. Margins are perfect. The light cure option produces a full strength restoration on demand and is ideally suited for use with a clear vinyl polysiloxane template.

Tuff-Temp Plus exhibits very high flexural strength without brittleness. Its deflection at break, the key indicator of toughness, is 50% to 100% greater than bis-acrylics.

Key Features

  • Tough and resilient
  • Impact and fracture resistant
  • Tight fitting temps grip teeth securely
  • Greatly reduces breakage and cementation failures
  • Grinds and powders without softening
  • Trims to crisp, perfect margins
  • Does not gum up finishing instruments
  • Self-cure with fast light cure option


  • Enhanced esthetics
  • Faster setting time
  • Snap set
  • Fluorescence added
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