Soft-Core Obturator Oven (Sky Choice)

Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: CMS Dental
Manufacturer part number: SCDTO/US
Price: $169.99

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CMS Soft-Core® Heater US

There is room for up to 4 obturators to be placed in the insertions at the top of the oven. The top is removable and can be cleaned as well as autoclaved. 

Press the start button when you have placed the obturator(s). After one minut a bip sound indicate that the obturator(s) are ready to use.

The obturatorers can stay warm in the oven for up to 15 minutes - saving you time. 

The oven has a start up heating time of 3 minutes to reach the working temperature. Leave the heater ON all day, it goes into standby mode and does not consume much power in this mode. Heating time from standby mode is still one minute.

You may switch off the heater at any time by pressing the ON button for 2 seconds and you hear 3 short beeps

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