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Rubber Dam (SKY CHOICE)

Rubber Dam (SKY CHOICE)

Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Sky Choice
# SKU Mfg # Size Price Quantity
SKU:SKY181 Mfg #: Size: 6x6 Heavy Green (36) Price: $8.99 Quantity:
SKU:SKY180 Mfg #: Size: 6x6 Heavy Blue (36) Price: $7.99 Quantity:
SKU:SKY173 Mfg #: Size: 6x6 Medium Green (36) Price: $7.99 Quantity:
SKU:SKY172 Mfg #: Size: 6x6 Medium Blue (36) Price: $7.99 Quantity:
SKU:SKY177 Mfg #: Size: 6x6 Thin Green (36) Price: $7.99 Quantity:
SKU:SKY176 Mfg #: Size: 6x6 Thin Blue (36) Price: $7.99 Quantity:
SKU:SKY179 Mfg #: Size: 5x5 Heavy Green (52) Price: $7.99 Quantity:
SKU:SKY178 Mfg #: Size: 5x5 Heavy Blue (52) Price: $7.99 Quantity:
SKU:SKY171 Mfg #: Size: 5x5 Medium Green (52) Price: $7.99 Quantity:
SKU:SKY170 Mfg #: Size: 5x5 Medium Blue (52) Price: $7.99 Quantity:
SKU:SKY175 Mfg #: Size: 5x5 Thin Green (52) Price: $7.99 Quantity:
SKU:SKY174 Mfg #: Size: 5x5 Thin Blue (52) Price: $7.99 Quantity:
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In modern dentistry, Rubber Dam is a must in every dental surgery. Its routine use will greatly contribute to success in many dental treatments. Rubber Dam takes a few minutes to apply but the benefits easily compensate. Rubber Dam is essential for complete moisture control, will improve visibility and protect the buccal, labial and lingual areas in the oral cavity. Increased visibility and protection enable the procedure to be carried out effectively and efficiently. For optimum performance and to avoid reduced strength from perishing, Rubber Dam material should be kept in a closed box or tin and preferably refrigerated.

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