SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow Composite (Kerr)
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SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow Composite (Kerr)

SKU: K454261
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Kerr
Manufacturer part number: 37207
Price: $88.99

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SimpliShade™ Bulk Fill Flow


A New Way to Bulk Fill

Get the adaptability, durability, depth of cure, and simplicity you want from a flowable bulk fill composite. With SimpliShade™ Bulk Fill Flow, you’ll have it all. Requiring just one shade to match all 16 VITA® Classical shades, SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow is a self-leveling composite that easily adapts to the cavity floor. Simplify your workflow with the ability to cure up to 4mm, before adding a capping layer.

Powered by ART3, an enhanced version of the Adaptive Response Technology found in Harmonize™ and SimpliShade Universal Composite, SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow is easy to handle, blends seamlessly, and offers lower shrinkage stress. One-shade simplicity has never been so powerful.

  • Ease of Sculpting. Adaptive Rheological Response Technology reduces viscosity during handling, then recovers stability for light curing to minimize rework.
  • Seamless Color Blending. Adaptive Color-Blending Response Technology mimics enamel structures and naturally interacts with light for enhanced blending between restoration and tooth.
  • Low Shrinkage Stress. Adaptive Shrinkage Stress Response Technology relieves interfacial stress between the filling and resin matrix during curing, for improved marginal adaptation.
  • High Adaptability. Fill every area of the tooth’s anatomy with a self-leveling bulk fill flowable that easily adapts to the cavity floor.
  • Single-Shade Time Savings. With one shade for all 16 VITA classical shades, you’ll save time and simplify inventory management.
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