Simile Nanohybrid Composite 0.25g Single Dose (Pentron)

SKU: K451328.
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Pentron
Manufacturer part number: N56C
Price: $440.99

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Simile™ Universal Composite

Simile is a universal composite that combines strength and esthetics for both anterior and posterior restorations. Its nano-hybrid formula has been independently proven to deliver surface smoothness for easy polishability, polish retention, and wear resistance with outstanding physical properties.

Product Benefits:

  • Extraordinary shine - visible as soon as you handle it
  • Low wear rates for beautiful long lasting restorations
  • Soft, sculptable handling that is designed to resist sticking to the instrument
  • Familiar shades are easy to use and save you time
  • Convenient delivery system with your choice of unit dose or syringe
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