ClikStik™ CCD/CCF/X-Series Parts

SKU: C090092.
Weight: 1 lbs
Manufacturer part number: 001-299
Price: $13.50

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Includes ClikStik™ holder, ring, rod and assorted Bite Blocks

The ClikStik™ CCD Complete Starter Kit is a complete holding system for all digital, film & PSP sensors. It eliminates the need for multiple rings, rods and pins of older obsolete systems. Now you can have a system without metal rods in your mouth or on the image. Save time and money with the complete starter kit.

  • ClikStik™ CCD for all Digital sensors
  • ClikStik™ CCF for Film/PSP Plates
  • ClikStik™ X-Series for Thinner Sensors using X-Series Bite Blocks
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