Bio-C TEMP (Angelus)

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BIO-C ® TEMP is a ready-to-use bioceramic paste for intracanal dressing. Microorganisms and their endotoxins are mainly responsible for the pathogenesis of pulp and periapical infections. Consequently, one of the main objectives of endodontic treatment is to eliminate microorganisms and their endotoxins in the most extensive and effective way possible. The use of mechanical preparation, followed by disinfection with chemical agents, is the method used to succeed in the elimination of microorganisms. However, when the infection is in the acute phase and the treatment cannot be performed in a single session, a delay dressing is used between the sessions and the BIO-C ® TEMP is the material of choice. Until recently the Calcium Hydroxide paste was the only option used in temporary disinfection procedures in endodontic treatment, however, this material has some limitations. It is a material of difficult application and intracanal removal and, as a major disadvantage, has high solubility in water (1.2 gL -1 ) that causes rapid dissolution in the medium, resulting in limited clinical benefits. BIO-C ® TEMP has a great advantage over Calcium Hydroxide pastes because it presents low solubility and thus allows the product to be in contact with the canal walls for a long period of time. As a result, a high release of hydroxyl ions (OH - ) is obtained in a continuous and gradual way with the increase of the pH of the fluid surrounding the application. The increase in pH plays an important role in preventing the proliferation of microorganisms through the processes of protein denaturation and destabilization of the plasma membrane

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