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Microflex XC-310 Xceed Exam Glove Nitrile Blue 250/bx (Ansell)

Microflex XC-310 Xceed Exam Glove Nitrile Blue 250/bx (Ansell)

SKU: M52198
Weight: 1 lbs
Manufacturer part number: XC-310-L
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  • Designed with ERGOFORM™ Technology to support musculoskeletal health and increase worker productivity
  • Thin mil design for exceptional tactile sensitivity
  • Strong formulation prevents against rips and tears
  • Smartly packaged 250 gloves per box with easy, single glove dispensing to reduce waste
  • Low 0.65 AQL for allowable pinholes means exceptional barrier integrity
  • Every year, workers in a variety of industries experience hand fatigue, discomfort, and even injury due to strain caused from prolonged and repetitive movements. To address this problem, Ansell developed ERGOFORM™ Ergonomic Design Technology to help maximize productivity by minimizing worker hand fatigue and discomfort.
    MICROFLEX XCEED exam gloves are blue nitrile gloves engineered with ERGOFORM Technology to protect hands while supporting musculoskeletal health. The ergonomic design of these thin, 3 mil gloves reduces the muscle strain that can lead to repetitive motion injuries over time.*
    MICROFLEX XCEED disposable gloves offer superior protection and exceptional tactility. These 3 mil gloves have a strong, thin mil design that protects hands while making it easy to feel the surface of small objects and handle delicate instruments. The gloves offer a high degree of barrier quality and consistency (low 0.65 AQL) to minimize the risk of exposures due to pinhole defects. These blue nitrile gloves are medical exam grade certified, and compliant with US food contact regulations. MICROFLEX XCEED gloves are also smartly packaged 250 gloves to a box, to reduce both costs and environmental waste.**
    To learn more about MICROFLEX XCEED, see our video or contact our team today.

    *Claims made based on third party testing performed by U.S. Ergo, when compared to disposable nitrile gloves of a similar weight.
    **230 gloves per box for size XL
*Prices are subject to change without notice