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MI Paste ONE Kids Toothpaste, 10/Pkg (GC America)

MI Paste ONE Kids Toothpaste, 10/Pkg (GC America)

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A replacement for your current toothpaste, it gives you the same power of MI Paste Plus, but in a single application. Now, rather than brushing first then applying MI Paste/MI Paste Plus, you will simply brush with MI Paste ONE Kids.

MI Paste ONE Kids - Features and Benefits:

  • Releases bio-available calcium, phosphate and fluoride as much as MI Paste Plus.
  • Is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - free! Instead, it contains a milder surfactant.

Clean and Protect with MI Paste ONE Kids

How RECALDENT® and fluoride work together

MI Paste® products release RECALDENT® (CPP-ACP) - a natural milk protein peptide that adheres to soft tissue, plaque, pellicle, and enamel’s hydroxyapatite delivering amorphous calcium and phosphate (ACP) into the saliva. The mechanism of action is similar to that of the salivary protein statherin and the supply of bio-available calcium and phosphate is able to drive remineralization by Fluoride, buffer acid, and reduce the plaque acid effect on tooth structure.

An analysis of the chemistry of demineralization and remineralization indicates that a major source of mineral loss in the caries process is the destruction of apatite with the creation of water as a by-product, and the leakage of a neutral species calcium hydrogen phosphate across a porous enamel surface.

When placed on the surface of a tooth, RECALDENT® (CPP-ACP) interacts with hydrogen ions and forms the same species calcium hydrogen phosphate which, under a diffusion gradient, can enter the tooth, react with and consume the water to produce enamel mineral, thereby removing subsurface mineral defects.

Any incipient white spot lesions which are developing because of cariogenic plaque can be treated locally with RECALDENT® (CPP-ACP) to achieve subsurface remineralization by Fluoride. This may occur in fairly short periods of time – in the order of two to four weeks.

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