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Kromatica Color Changing Alginate 1 lb Bag

Kromatica Color Changing Alginate 1 lb Bag

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Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Matech, Inc.
Manufacturer part number: 305-203
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Kromatica Color Changing Alginate Impression Material

The color change of Kromatica alginate offers a visual guide for consistent impression making. The strength and physical characteristics of Kromatica help to assure an easy to mix material that produces a surface of smoothness. Kromatica alginate is available in fast set and regular set.

  • Color changing for a visual guide
  • Easy to use, thus eliminating the remake of the appliances
  • Minimum body flow and short duration in the mouth offers maximum patient comfort
  • Patient pleasing cherry, mint, and bubblegum flavor

1. To obtain a proper measure, tumble the canister to fluff the product.

2. Scoop powder and tap gently to eliminate voids and level off excess with spatula. (Mixing Ratio: Add 1/3 measure (20ml) of water per scoop (8 gm) of powder.)

3. Mix thoroughly for 35 to 45 seconds until smooth consistency develops.

4. Load impression tray. Read the chart for color changing.

5. Rinse patients mouth with warm water.

6. Insert filled tray in the mouth. Hold for one minute after loss of tackiness.

7. For best model surface, wait 45 minutes before separating model from impression.

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