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The HVE Y-Adapter converts a standard 11mm HVE opening to accommodate the 16 mm Air Protect XL and Air Protect XL Plus*


The Y-Adapter was specifically developed with the clinician in mind. You can use the larger 16mm Air Protect XL and Air Protect XL Plus as a single HVE or as an HVE/SE combo. Either way, the larger 16mm opening provides a greater reduction in aerosols.

  1. The 16mm HVE collects a greater number of aerosols. Seal the small hole; insert Air Protect XL or Air Protect XL Plus; enjoy fewer aerosols. The saliva ejector is positioned in the oral cavity while the HVE tip is located on the side of the mouth reducing aerosols.
  2. The HVE and SE combo provide comfort and protection during procedures when you want both. The Y-adaptor was specifically designed for clinicians working without an assistant that still wants the benefits of an HVE. The saliva ejector is placed in the small opening and placed in the oral cavity for liquid removal while the Air Protect XL or Air Protect XL Plus, located on the side of the mouth, reduces aerosols.

*Note: Each operatory will need 1 HVE Y-Adapter Kit

Pkg contains: Y-Adapter Kit | 1 HVE Air Protect XL Plus, 1 Adapter, 1 Plug

*Prices are subject to change without notice