Guidor Easy-Graft Large, 0.4 ml Syringe 3/Pkg

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Guidor easy-graft products are bioresorbable, completely synthetic bone graft substitutes for bone defects. They consist of two components: Granules and BioLinker. When combining these two components, the easy-graft material becomes a putty-like biomaterial and can be applied directly from the syringe into the bone defect. In contact with body fluids such as blood or saliva the material hardens within minutes and forms a stable, porous bone substitute material. Due to the porosity of the material, the absorption of blood is possible and thus positively influences the healing process.

Material:Pure phase beta-tricalcium phosphate (>99%)
Properties: Degradation parallel to bone formation 100% degradable (Full resorption)
Indications: Small defects in oral surgery, implantology, socket preservation, and sinus floor elevation.

Fields of Application

Our easy-graft products are suitable for filling bone defects of the skeleton. The implantation site should be free of inflammation as well as soft tissue or granulation tissue. With our easy-graft™ products you can cover a wide range of indications in oral, orthodontic and facial surgery including:

Augmentation of alveolar crest, possibly in combination with autologous bone and membranes (Guided Bone Regeneration, GBR)
Filling of defect after Apicoectomy
Filling of defects after removal of autologous bone
Filling of defect after removal of bone cysts
Sinus floor elevations
Extraction defects in combination with membranes
Filling of defects after surgical removal of retained teeth
Periodontal defects in combination with membranes

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