GripStrip Diamond Coated Strips
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GripStrip Diamond Coated Strips

SKU: gripstrip-diamond-coated-strips
Vendor: Centrix
Manufacturer part number: 860013
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GripStrip Proximal Finishing & Polishing Strips each feature two diamond grit combinations to enable rapid and exact shaping, finishing and polishing of proximal surfaces to restore natural tooth morphology and enamel-like smoothness.

  • Easy-to-grip handles for easy manipulation, precise control. 
Handle shape easily identifies the right GripStrip for each use: Coarse, Medium, Fine and Medium Mini (for anterior use).
  • Abrasive Free Zone. Slide through contact without abraiding intact enamel.
  • More abrasive grit for easier, faster shaping and finishing
  • Less abrasive grit for smoothing and polishing
  • Flexible, durable, autoclavable stainless steel. Enables easy finishing to restore natural contours and the correct shape of each tooth. Stainless steel strips can be autoclaved for repeated use.
  • Protective reverse side. Smooth reverse side protects the adjacent tooth and intact enamel from abrasion.


  • For tight contacts, insert a wedge to create a slight separation between the teeth
  • GripStrip Fine should be used for polishing, stain removal
  • GripStrip Coarse has a perforated design, ideal for gross reduction and ortho space creation
  • To protect contacts, always insert and remove GripStrip at the smooth Free Zone