Gingicaine One Unit Dose

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Introducing GINGICaine® Plus and GINGICaine® One, the newly developed topical anesthetic gel that extends anesthesia duration up to one hour by including two additional anesthetic ingredients to the formulation. GINGICaine® provides up to 30-60 minutes of anesthesia to allow clinicians sufficient time to finish any job.  With an artificial banana flavor, patients can enjoy a pleasant taste without any bitterness. It is ideal for a variety of procedures including but not limited to denture pain relief, rubber dam clamp placement, intrapulpal anesthesia, periodontal pockets, odontopaediatrics, injection, root planning, subgingival scaling, and gingival retractions.

GINGICaine® Plus comes in a syringe format with a unique microneedle tip that features a rounded end to eliminate sulcus poking or tearing during delivery and a 7mm gauge mark when applied directly within the periodontal pocket. Each syringe contains 1.2 mL of the improved GINGICaine® gel, and its transparent tubing allows you to measure accurately and use only what you require.

GINGICaine® One is available in a convenient unit dose format that features a one-step, no-mess delivery system. The disposable and vacuum-sealed packaging is designed to avoid cross-contamination and eliminate the need for cleanup. Each unit dose contains 0.4 mL 

Product Features
•Provides 30-60 minute duration of action
•Approximately 15-20 second onset of action
•Pleasant artificial banana flavor without any bitterness
•Two delivery systemsUnique microneedle tip with 7mm gauge mark
•Convenient single-use packaging with minimal waste

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