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Evacuation System Cleaner
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Evacuation System Cleaner

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Sky Choice Evacuation System Cleaner 1 Gallon - Multi Enzyme Blend

  • Concentrated, Multi-Enzyme Blend Deodorizes as it Cleans
  • Peppermint Fragrance
  • Cleans Lines & Discourages Buildup
  • Dissolves Organic Matter & Eliminate Odors
  • Daily Use Improves Efficiency
  • Neutral pH for Safe Use with Amalgam Separators
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 1 oz concentrate makes 32 oz final solution

Instructions for Use:
1. Add 1 ounce of solution to one quart of water.
2. Aspirate the solution through the high speed evacuation line
and saliva ejector line.
3. Pour the remainder into the cuspidor.
4. Repeat for each treatment room daily.
• Concentrated, multi-enzyme blend
• Deodorizes as it cleans
• Dissolves organic fluids and debris
• Neutral pH, meets EPA Amalgam Rule 40 CFR 441
• Non-foaming formulation
• Daily use improves efficiency
• Environmentally friendly

1 Gallon Bottle


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