Cotton Pellets (Richmond)

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They are small, but that doesn’t keep them from doing their job well. Richmond Dental 100% Cotton Pellets are designed to provide outstanding quality and absorbency in a variety of uses. According to a peer-to-peer product evaluation from Dental Product Shopper, Richmond’s Cotton Pellets received a Best Products Award for their performance across 6 evaluation criteria.

  • 100% purified, medical-grade, USA grown cotton
  • Absorbent
  • High quality
  • All natural / biodegradable
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Available in sizes #0 through #5


  • Root canals
  • Temporary Endo Access
  • In place of Teflon Tape
  • Temporarily as a Filler
  • Implants (cover hex screw)
  • To carry medicaments
  • To dry gum tissue

DIspensers available:

  • Chrome Tiltop® Dispenser available for sizes #1 through #4; they hold one size each
  • Plastic Temple Dispenser available for use with sizes #1 through #4; they hold four sizes at a time
  • EZ UP™ Pellet Dispenser available for use with sizes #1 through #5; Comes with interchangeable grid for various sizes

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