Bioviva Hemostatic Gauze Dressing

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Bioviva is an individually packaged, sterile, soluble, cellulose-based, bacteriostatic hemostatic gauze dressing made from oxidized, regenerated cellulose derived from plants.  

Bioviva absorbs blood and immediately transforms into a viscous gel, sealing the extraction site, filling wound voids, seals capillary ends and activating the clotting system to assist the body to stop bleeding.


  • Innovative soluble, sterile material made from regenerated cellulose Ideal for extraction sites and surgical proceduresUpon contact with blood or fluid, rapidly transforms into viscous gel sealing wound voids and promoting clottingIndividually packaged

    Product Details:

    Packaging .75" x .75" 40 Pieces, 20 Uses/box

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