Aura 20 Compules (SDI)

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Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: SDI-Southern Dental Industries
Manufacturer part number: 8565011
Price: $113.99

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Aura a simple, easy, beautiful SMILE

the logical, innovative restorative system designed to save time, every time

  • Based on the natural make-up and colors of enamel and dentin.
  • Simple layering technique to reproduce the natural colors of teeth.
  • High polishability and sculptability.
  • Designed to simplify shade matching for busy clinicians.
  • Aura – an easy approach to identifying and matching tooth color. Since the overall color of the tooth is determined by the dentin, not the enamel, choosing the dentin shade should be the first priority.
    Step 1 - Select the dentin shade where there is exposed dentin or where the cervical area of the tooth is the thinnest.
    Step 2 - Select the enamel shade from the incisal edge of the neighbouring teeth of the tooth to be restored

    *Prices are subject to change without notice