Aspirator BYRD (HuFriedy)

SKU: H500131_
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Hu-Friedy
Manufacturer part number: ASPB1
Price: $312.99

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The Byrd Self-Cleaning surgical aspirator used for precision suction in the oral cavity to remove blood, saliva, and fragments of tissue and bone. It contains 3 parts - including the base, tip and stylette and is available in 3 diameters. The cleaning stylette remains inside the aspirator during use and is activated by pushing the button towrads the tip to expel debris that is clogging the tip, thus saving time, and eliminating the need to change tips. Also features a finger ring for added comfort and stability. Aspirator is 8.5" long and has a 1.5mm diameter opening. Made of surgical grade stainless steel.

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