Temporary Crown & Bridge Material 1:1 Ratio 50ml Cartridge

SKU: KY9036
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Sky Choice
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Sky Choice Crown & Bridge 1:1 • Dual Cure 50ml cartridge

Key Features
  • 50% to 100% greater than bis-acrylics.
  • Unlike bis-acrylics, which soften and can gum up finishing instruments,
    Sky Choice grinds & powders, leaving clean and accurate margins.
  • Dual Cure self-cures & has a light cure option.
  • Less prone to breaking and debonding and ideal for longer treatment plans
  • Exhibits very high flexural strength without brittleness
  • Can be used for single and multiple units, including full mouth restorations.
  • Impact and fracture resistant
  • Tight fitting temps grip teeth securely
  • Margins are perfect

Contains: 50ml Cartridge + 10 Mixing Tips


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