Liquid Ultra 2-Part Solutions 10 Applications

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Liquid Ultra Solution


Liquid Ultra™ Solution is the only EPA registered dental unit waterline treatment granted ALL the following claims:

  • Kills biofilm bacteria
  • Removes existing biofilm from dental unit waterlines
  • Prevents and suppresses formation of biofilm in DUWLs

Powerful dental unit waterline cleaner/shock with multiple treatment options for external bottle systems:

  • Stand-alone dental unit waterline treatment
  • In conjunction with tablet protocols requiring periodic cleaning/shocking of DUWLs per individual product Instructions for Use
  • As a best-practice solution:
    • To rapidly treat DUWLs prior to initiating a new treatment protocol
    • To quickly treat DUWLs with very high CFU counts

Use is not restricted by the EPA rule BMP for dental amalgam waste
The solution is tinted pink to confirm that it has been flushed completely through the waterlines

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