Sterisil Straw V2 Microbiological Cartridge, 1/Pkg

SKU: S01010_
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Sterisil, Inc.
Manufacturer part number: S365-V2
Price: $243.99

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The Sterisil® Straw V2 eliminates the hassle of dropping daily tablets and provides worry-free waterline treatment for 365 days!  As an added bonus, the Straw V2 has a built-in shock treatment which releases automatically to kill preexisting odor causing bacteria.  The Sterisil Straw V2 has a quantified EPA claim of ≤10 CFU/ml HPC purity and features a Luer Lock fitting, reducing installation and replacement time down to a minute.


The Straw V2 design features a Luer Lock fitting, only needing a push and a twist to enable continuous treatment for a whole year. Installation and replacement takes only a minute and couldn't be easier with the Luer Lock. The tapered top is shaped in a way that will reduce catching on the inside of the bottle during replacement which will help eliminate pulling the tube off of the barb.


The Straw V2 is designed with bottom relief gaps which prevent flow restriction in installations where the Straw might be too far down into the bottle. 

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