Sky Scaler Insert 25k

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IF-10 Insert 25k-30k
General Scaling Insert Great "Universal" general scaling insert with internal water flow for increased clinician visibility and greater patient comfort. Use up to medium power. Great on tenacious calculus.

IF-100 Insert 25k-30k
Internal water flow for increased clinition visibility and greater patient comfort. Slim design for subgingival scaling. Use on low to medium power range only.

IF-1000 25k-30k
Internal water flow triple-bend insert for interproximal access.

P-10 Insert 25k-30k
Classic Style Scaling Insert The "Original" ultrasonic scaling insert with external water flow, designed for removing all types of debris. Use on full power range, heavy duty universal scaling.

P-100 Insert 25k-30k
Slim Insert Slim design for subgingival scaling. External water spray tube allows for use in a higher power range than internal spray "IF" tips.
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