5 Year Warranty Included
Turbo Sensor Ultrasonic Scaler

Turbo Sensor Ultrasonic Scaler

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Vendor: Parkell, Inc.
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THE WORKHORSE – The Hardest Working and Most Practical Ultrasonic Scaler.
Parkell’s popular TurboSENSOR™ Ultrasonic Scaler combines true versatility with intuitive operation. Its smart-circuitry senses whether you’ve inserted a 25KHz or 30KHz tip and automatically switches operating frequency to match the insert in the handpiece.

For patient comfort during routine scaling, the TurboSENSOR offers an expanded low-power debridement mode. An orange LED on the control panel tells you when you are operating in this mode. At the other end of the control panel, the TurboSENSOR provides a higher maximum power setting for extreme calculus blasting. For removal of stubborn calculus, simply increase pressure on the included foot pedal and you’ll get an instant turbo power boost.

  • 5 year power unit warranty
  • Accepts any 25k or 30k Parkell or other compatible insert (Cavitron compatible)
  • Automatically switches frequency to match insert.
  • External water filter prevents clogs and drips.
  • Autoclavable handpiece sheaths
  • Foot-controlled Turbo power boost.
  • Expanded low-power “Perio” mode.


  • Size: 1⅝”H x 5½”W x 7½”D (41mm x 140mm x 190mm)
  • Weight of unit: 2.70 lbs (1.22kilograms)
  • Weight of floor/tabletop transformer: 3.85 lbs (1.75kilograms)
  • 110V (220V/230V also available)
  • Length of handpiece cable: 7’ (215cm)
  • Length of water hose: 7’ 6” (230cm)
  • Length of foot pedal cable: 7’ (215cm)
  • Total length of transformer cable from wall outlet to unit: 12’ 6” (380cm)
  • Certifications: All electrical devices have been certified to: IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2 and CAN/CSA C22.2 and are either UL or ETL listed.