Temporary polycarbonate crowns, translucent 5/Pk

SKU: polycarbonate-crown-rf-jsdent-5-pack
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Directa Dental Group
Manufacturer part number: 6092-09
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Easy to handle, easy to dispense from the Directa mould guide. A selection of sizes for each quadrant. Acclaimed coding system adopted by manufacturers the world over. Directa crowns are made of high quality polycarbonate which is resilient to mouth fluids and can be trimmed without risk of damage. All you need to select and dispense. The unique Directa selecta makes even tiny crowns easy to handle, select and dispense. Simply select the right size and mould quickly and easily. The selecta is then refilled from the organiser box ready for next time. Available in translucent, opaque and molars in several sizes for each quadrant. 

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