Temporary Materials (C&B)

Provisional, interim, temporary, or transitional restorations are an essential step to achieve successful prosthodontic therapy. Temporary crown and bridge materials are used to fabricate state of the art interim restorations or provisional restorations. These transitional restorations provide protection, stabilization and fulfill the functional demands before the fabrication of the definitive prosthesis. The interim restorations fabricated by the temporary crown and bridge materials evaluate the therapeutic, esthetic and functional effectiveness of a treatment plan. The temporary crown and bridge materials should exhibit excellent mechanical, esthetic and biological properties. Skydentalsupply offers durable, bio-compatible and cost-effective range of temporary crown and bridge materials for fabricating all types of provisional or interim restorations.

Methacrylates and composite resins are the two major categories of temporary crown and bridge materials. Methacrylates can be further sub-grouped as: methyl-methacrylates, ethyl-methacrylates and vinyl-methacrylates. The composite resin category materials can be sub-divided into Bis-acryls, Bis-GMA and urethrane dimethacrylate resins. The materials are available in single paste and gun mix system with more convenience and ease of use. An initial impression is recorded before the tooth preparation and then the tooth preparation is done. Temporary crown and bridge material is selected and placed in the desired area of the initial impression. The impression is re-inserted into the patient’s mouth and removed once set. It is then finished and polished to provide the patient with the interim restoration.

Skydentalsupply also offers dimensionally stable denture repair materials with adequate working time, good strength. Jet Set-4 Denture Repair Liquid provides the best results. The wide range of temporary crown and bridge materials provided by skydentalsupply include Access Crown Temporary Material, Acrylic Primer, ALIKE Temp C & B Resin, C & B Prompt, CoolTemp Natural, Duralay Temporary Crown and Bridge Powder, Crown Acrylic, Jet Tooth Shade Acrylic, LuxaCrown, LuxaTemp Fluorescence Refill Kit, REVOTEK LC Intro Kit Universal Shade B2, Splintline Kit, SNAP Temp Crown and Bridge Material, TEMPSMART C & B, Trim PEMA Temp Resin, Trim Plus PMMA, UNIFAST LC, UNIFAST Trad and Versa-Temp 2.

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