SuperCure & SuperCure Q

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SuperCure® and SuperCure® Q

Light-Activated Core Buildup Composite

Build a high-strength core faster with SuperCure, light activated composite core buildup material. Inject direct from the SuperCure syringe tip into the tooth. Light activate to a dentin-like hardness for immediate prep. Easier, faster, better.

SuperCure is available in two high performance formulations.

Original SuperCure - with barium borosilicate glass filler cuts like dentin.

SuperCure-Q - is reinforced with quartz glass filler to cut harder than dentin.

Both formulations are packaged in Centrix exclusive direct-to-the-tooth unit-dose tips (.25gm or .50gm) with enough material to meet the needs of most buildups.

Just place a tip of SuperCure light-activated core buildup material in your Centrix syringe and inject. There’s no mixing, no wasteful automix nozzles and no cross-contamination. SuperCure stacks beautifully, without slump, so matrices or coreforms are not required.

  • Original formula of barium borosilicate glass filler cuts like dentin
  • Q-formula is reinforced with quartz glass filler to cut harder than dentin
  • Fast light-activation and high depth of cure: 8.9mm in 40 seconds
  • Disposable, prefilled tips for maximum asepsis
  • Non-slumping formula requires no matrix
  • Prefilled tips eliminate mixing, cleanup and waste
  • Radiopaque

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