Soft-Core Thermal Obturator Refills, 6/Pkg

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Soft-Core® Endodontic Obturator

A biocompatible radiopaque polymere core covered with thermoplastic gutta percha. The handle is colour coded and detachable.

The new version has grooves in the shaft. They may serve as length indicators and make further the shaft easier to break off, after the gutta perka has hardend.

The handle is color-coded.

The stainless steel insertion pin is 8 mm long and is permanently attached to the plastic handle. The hollow portion of the plastic core surrounds 4 mm of the pin.

The rubber endo stop can be adjusted up and down the plastic core.

The plastic core is 24 mm long, the upper 4 mm is hollow.

The diameter of the tip of the obturator follows the ISO sizes and are available from size #20-#70.

The lower 18 mm of the obturator is covered by a thin layer of thermoplastic gutta percha.

The plastic core and gutta percha are both radiopaque

Packed with 6 pieces in a box.

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