SNAP Temp C&B Material
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SNAP Temp C&B Material

SKU: snap-temp-c-b-material
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Parkell, Inc.
Manufacturer part number: HS441
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Most traditional self-cure provisional materials are based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) technology, which can sometimes cause shrinkage problems and result in poorly fitting margins. However, SNAP is different. Its unique ethyl methacrylate formula dramatically reduces polymerization shrinkage, so your margins fit better. Better fitting margins mean fewer discrepancies that can trap plaque, irritate soft tissue and allow microleakage to jeopardize the health of the pulp. In fact, SNAP's efficacy in reducing polymerization shrinkage has been documented in multiple studies over the past 30 years. In these clinical findings, researchers have consistently demonstrated SNAP's exceptional marginal accuracy.

Low shrinkage for better fitting crowns and bridges. Extraordinary marginal accuracy. Dramatically reduces polymerization shrinkage. Delivers a better fit than methyl methacrylate-based materials. Features a true doughy stage and lower heat release. Exceptional color stability and very economical to use. Introductory Kit Temporary crown and bridge material.

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