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Those catch-all products for healthcare practices? We’ve got those.

You might need bacitracin antibiotic ointment. We’ve got a preparation from Dynarex – just what you need for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Get it in jars, tubes, or single-use sizes.

Hydrocortisone, 1%? We have it, for things like eczema, insect bites, and soap and cosmetic irritation.

You might need rolls of good old white paper for your exam tables. We have 21-inch rolls that go for 225 feet – 12 in a case, made by Graham-Field.

No bad thing to have a first aid kit handy. We’ve got one for 25 people – just the thing for your practice wall. It’s OSHA and ANSI/ISEA recommended, with all the antiseptics, bandages, pads, and instruments you’d need – even scissors and tweezers.

What’s a healthcare practice without a portable, infrared, contactless thermometer? We have an FDA approved beauty from Sky Choice, with a big, bright liquid crystal display, and easy-cleaning sensor and probe cavity.

We’ve even got ultrasound gel. Made for you by Dynarex. This is acoustically correct for a wide range of frequencies, and will not damage transducers. It’s bacteriostatic, of course, non-staining, non-irritating, non-greasy and fragrance-free. Get it in blue or clear, in 1.3 gallon collapsible jugs or refillable 8.5 ounce easy-dispensing bottles.

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