Sil-Trax AS Braided Retraction Cord, Medicated
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Sil-Trax AS Braided Retraction Cord, Medicated

SKU: sil-trax-as-retraction-cord
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Pascal International, Inc.
Manufacturer part number: 07-120
Price: $12.99  
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SilTrax® AS Braided Retraction Cord

Ideal for creating full exposure of the margin which is the foundation for success in both conventional and digital dentistry. Braided, 100% pure cotton retraction cord impregnated with a solution of aluminum sulfate, then dried by a special process, assuring both consistent aluminum sulfate content and hemostatic retraction properties. [72 inches (183cm) per bottle]. Pascal's unique NTS technology helps ensure consistent amounts of medicament throughout the entire length of the retraction cord. Consistent medication can help lead to consistent results.

  • Braided, 100% Cotton Cord
  • Impregnated with an Aluminum Sulfate solution
  • For use when epinephrine is contraindicated
  • Consistent aluminum sulfate content
  • Excellent retraction, hemostatic control and tissue rigidity
  • Memory free for precise placement and retention in the sulcus
  • Easy placement and packing
  • Unique packaging prevents cord tangles and cord from falling back into bottle
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