Racord Two Twisted Retraction Cord, Medicated

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Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Pascal International, Inc.
Manufacturer part number: 07-820
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Racord Two Twisted Retraction Cord

Ideal for creating full exposure of the margin which is the foundation for success in both conventional and digital dentistry. The best of both worlds and less Epinephrine than our Siltrax EPI. Rigidity of tissue associated with astringent and the bleeding control associated with Epinephrine. Twisted, 100% cotton retraction cord impregnated with a solution containing both racemic epinephrine hydrochloride and zinc phenolsulfonate, then dried by a special process. Assures optimal retraction. Epinephrine strength is 55%-70% less than Racord®. [72 inches (183cm) per bottle]. Pascal's unique NTS technology helps ensure consistent amounts of medicament throughout the entire length of the retraction cord. Consistent medication can help lead to consistent results.

  • Twisted, 100% cotton retraction cord
  • Combination vasoconstrictor and astringent
  • Impregnated with a solution containing both racemic epinephrine hydrochloride and zinc phenolsulfonate
  • Consistent medicament content
  • Excellent retraction, hemostatic control and tissue rigidity
  • Memory free for precise placement and retention in the sulcus
  • Easy placement and packing
  • Epinephrine strength is 35-50% lower than Racord®
  • Unique packaging prevents cord tangles and cord from falling back into bottle
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