Glass Ionomer Luting Cements

Luting cements have been considered to be the most essential component for ensuring the long-term success and prognosis of permanent fixed restorations, crowns and bridges on prepared tooth surfaces and dental implants. Choice of an ideal luting cement should be done keeping in mind all the properties and requirements which depend upon the prepared tooth surface, the type of fixed restoration, material used in crown & bridge fabrication, anticipated masticatory loads and relationship of the prepared tooth with opposing teeth.

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An ideal luting cement material should exhibit a long working time for providing the ease of manipulation to the mixing assistant and the clinician to insert and place the fixed restoration ensuring the correct occlusal relationship, has adequate adherence to the prepared tooth structure, cast alloys or any other material used in fabrication of fixed prosthesis, provides a hermetic seal, be non-irritant and non-toxic to pulp, has an adequate strength, provide luting in thin compressive layers, has low viscosity and solubility, has optimum setting characteristics and the excess or flash after cementation can be easily removed. Glass ionomer cements have become the most popular choice as luting material for cast restorations due to his excellent working characteristics and adhesion to prepared tooth enamel & dentin.

Among the unique properties exhibited by glass ionomer luting cements is their biocompatibility, better mechanical strength than zinc phosphate & polycarboxylate cements and fluoride release which can prevent the occurrence of recurrent decay and strengthens tooth’s defenses against microorganisms. However, it needs protection from moisture contamination soon after placement and must be protected with the help of a resin coat, foil or Vaseline layer or left undisturbed for at least 10 minutes. Resin modified glass ionomer cements are less susceptible to moisture contamination. At skydentalsupply, our experts offer the most durable, user-friendly and cost-effective glass ionomer luting cements by keeping in view all the minor details and required characteristics for the ease and benefit of our prestigious dental health care professionals. Using our ingenious products at your dental office, you can have the long-term success and prognosis for your fixed crown & bridge restorations. The innovative state of the art glass ionomer luting cement formulations at skydentalsupply which are available at our 24/7 open website portal include CX Plus Glass Ionomer cement, Fuji Automix LC, FujiCEM 2 Glass Ionomer Cement, FujiCEM Evolve, GC Fuji PLUS capsules, Prime-Dent Glass Ionomer, Riva Luting cement, Master-Dent Glass Ionomer Luting Cement, GC Fuji Plus P & L, Ceramir C & B Quick Cap and Fuji I capsules Light Yellow.